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November and December is my “down time”.  Bookstores and other retailers are busy keeping up with the bestsellers and taking care of their crowded stores.  As I have said before NO ONE should bug a bookseller between Halloween and the 12th Day of Christmas. So each November and December I file, create some new content, get my nails done…. ThisRead More …

Can Someone Else Sell My Book For Me?


“Hello, New Shelves Books, How may I help you?” “Hi, I have a book and I want to know if you can sell my book for me to stores and libraries?” The answer? Yes and No… It is possible to hire someone to EXECUTE the sales activities for your book, but YOU need to create the sales plan and the materialsRead More …

Amazon’s New Marketing Programs and Offerings


A few years back, authors and small presses could participate in a number of marketing programs at Amazon.com. BUY X GET Y was one of my favorites. You could contact Amazon and request a link from your book to another book of similar appeal. It was not inexpensive, but it was a terrific program that exposed your book to readersRead More …

Why you need IngramSpark AND CreateSpace – UPDATED


 By Amy Collins (previously published at www.buildbookbuzz.com) I have been asked one question more than any other: “Do I need IngramSpark if I have CreateSpace?” I know it’s tempting to avoid the extra expense and hassle of taking on a second print on demand (POD) provider, but I want to take a moment and share some of the experiences we’ve hadRead More …

How To Set Up a Price Specific Bar Code for FREE


POD Math


A number of you have asked me about how the math works when you go to IngramSpark for POD.  Here is an example: A 204 page POD paperback book costs $4.98 to print. (.02 a page plus .90 for the cover) The book is priced retail at 16.99 Ingram will purchase the book from Ingram Spark at 55% discount offRead More …

Why Can’t My Book Be 6 X 9?


 In a Facebook group I administer, the question of trim size has come up.  (Mainly because I rashly claimed that 6 X 9 was not an acceptable trim size for most books.) This started off a firestorm of questions and requests.  “What trim size SHOULD my book be?” was the main thread throughout. So, I decided to do some research byRead More …

The 5 Questions Authors HAVE to Know How to Answer


Close your eyes.  (okay, open them… you have to read) Picture that you are at a cocktail party. The room is filled with librarians, book buyers, heads of major chain retailers, and book reviewers. A lovely mid-30s woman approaches you with a napkin filled with shrimp tails and a half-empty glass of wine.  You strike up a conversation and eventuallyRead More …

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